Meeting Room | conference room

Meeting Room, conference room

A PREMIER Meeting Room, Conference Room provides you with the ultimate professional environment to enhance your corporate image while allowing you to pay for only the time you use with our 30 minutes rated pricing. Further services of meeting room booking are available including catering options and we are always happy to customize a tailor-make conference room booking solution that fits your requirements.

Our meeting room packages:

     Conference Room (6-8 persons) Our Member(s) Non-member(s)
Hourly (Office Hour) HKD$150 HKD$180
Hourly (Non-Office Hour) HKD$180 HKD$200
Session (9am-1pm / 2pm-6pm) HKD$540 HKD$648
Full Day (9am-6pm) HKD$1080 HKD$1,296
     Meeting Room (1-4 persons) Our Member(s) Non-member(s)
Hourly (Office Hour) HKD$100 HKD$150
Hourly (Non-Office Hour) HKD$150 HKD$180
Session (9am-1pm / 2pm-6pm) HKD$360 HKD$540
Full Day (9am-6pm) HKD$720 HKD$1,080

Meeting Room, conference room



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Meeting Room, conference room
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